APV/SPX Liquifier TB20000L00009

APV/SPX Liquifier TB20000L00009

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APV/SPX Liquifier 250 Gallon

Model TB20000L00009, 4004078, With

Holland Applied Electrical Cabinet Enclosure:

Type 4x , Serial # 70824-0001-01, 72'' T X 24'' W X 18'' D.

Tank Type 316 Stainless Steel, 75 Hp. Drive Motor

Brand New In The Crate!

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APV Flex-Mix Liquiverter Simple, Versatile, Effective The Flex-Mix Liquiverter offers a flexible and reliable solution for high quality mixing, dispersion, recombination and reestablishment of soluble products into low to medium viscosity fluids. It provides a large dissolution capacity due to its free vortex and square shape and is a popular choice for use in reconstitution of dairy products, manufacturing of fine foods, emulsions, preparation of starch and hydrocolloid solutions. 


ManufacturerAPV/SPX Liquifier