Aeroglide Roaster/Drier


Aeroglide Roaster/Drier



Aeroglide Drier

Model C1 120-65 RGC, Ser# 05153-02, Mfg. 2005, Natural Gas, No Control Panel Included.

Overall Dimensions: 65' 2'' Length, Width (Frame) 15' 8'', Height (Including Legs) 15' 4''

Bed Width 9' 9'', Drying Bed Area 350 Ft.2, Cooling Bed Area 140 Ft.2

Product Description: Last used on Coated Almond Accents & Almond Products

Input Rate: 2,634 lbs./hr., Inlet Moisture: 9% (Maximum), Product Inlet Temperature: 70 *

Output Rate: (Pre-Roasted Almond): 5,000 lbs/hr., Output Rate: (Raw Almond): 2,500 lbs/hr.

Maximum Bed Depth First Stage: 152.4 mm (6in.), Second Stage (Cooling) 152.4 mm (6 in.)

Electrical Service: 3 Phase/460 Volts/60Hz, Electrical Control Service: 1 Phase/120 Volts/60 Hz.

304 Stainless Steel, Type: Endless Food Grade, Belt Drive Type: Direct Shaft Mounted Reducer,

Support Base Material: 304 Stainless Steel.

Number Of Beds: 2, Air Flow Design: Drying/Roasting Zones Dual Plenum,

Cooling Zones: Single Plenum, Number of Stages 2, Number of Independent

Heat Zones 2, Number of Drying Zones 2, Number of Drying Zones 2,

Number of Cooling Zones: 1, Location of Cooling Zone: Extended

Airflow Direction: Drying Zone 1 Reversible Up/Down-Flow

Drying Zone 2 Reversible Up/Down-Flow

Cooling Zone Up-Flow

(Offsite Item Located In Central CA.)


ModelC1 120-65 RGC