GoodNature Flash Pasteurizer Model FP-XT 600 Dual

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Goodnature Flash Pasteurizer
Model FP-XT600 Dual, Serial No. 22614-1,
Date Code 2012/03/09, 480 Volts - 16Amps- 60Hz /3 Phase
The XT Series Pasteurizer is an all stainless steel system available with PLC/Touch screen control for ease of operation.It has with plate heat exchangers.Clean In Place (CIP) design.
• The systems is designed for use with hot water.
• When doing HTST the product flowrate is 10 GPM, and the approximate heat load is 175,000 BTU's based on 34 F in / Pasteurization up to 195 F. The hot water flowrate is typically 2-3 times that of the product - so 20-30 GPM. The circ pump should be at that flow.
• The system was able to do hot-fill at 5 GPM. Based on 75 F incoming juice and a pasteurization temp of 195 temp Hot-fill @ 5 GPM, the heat load is approximately 325,000 BTU's. Water temperatures should be 10 degrees warmer than the target pasteurization temperature.
Juice cleanse and smoothie businesses
Cider plants
Fruit, vegetable, and herbal operations


ModelFP-XT 600 Dual
Serial Number22614-1
Stock Number3925