Complete Flour Mill - 1000 Lb. per Hour (Reduced Price)

Complete Flour Mill - 1000 Lb. per Hour (Reduced Price)

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Complete Flour Mill - 1000 Lb. per Hour . Currently used for gluten free production.

Entire mill should fit in one semi trailer load.

Equipment list:

Hapman Auger Conveyor with Hopper and VFD Speed Control

Bliss Hammer Mill “Eliminator” Model 19 inch, 40HP

Kice Cyclone fed by Hammer Mill with Air Lock

2 – Skiold Stone Mills

12 – Kice small cyclones with air locks

Great Western Sifter with sifter decks, screen frames and SS table to load/unload screen decks

Storage for sifter decks and screens

Kice Bag House with blower

Kice electrical control panel

Mezzanine with cyclone stands

Extra Mezzanine section with cyclone stand

Ro-Tap Sieve tester with test screens

All pneumatic tubing seen in photos plus extra

This line has produced the following Products:

Brown Rice Flour, 50#

Brown Teff Flour, 25#

Buckwheat Flour, 2000#

Conventional Black Bean Flour, 50#

Conventional Green Lentil Flour

Conventional Green Pea Flour, 50#

Conventional Long Grain Brown Rice Flour, 50#

Conventional Millet Flour, 50#

Conventional Navy Bean Flour, 50#

Conventional Red Rice Flour, 50#

Conventional Sorghum Flour, 50#

Conventional Teff Flour, 50#

Conventional Yellow Pea Flour, 50#

Garbanzo Bean Flour, 50#

Ivory Teff Flour, 25#

Milled Mung Bean Flour, 2000#

Organic Black Bean Flour, 2000#

Organic Brown Rice Flour, per pound

Organic Buckwheat Farina, Per Pound

Organic Buckwheat Flour Per Pound

Organic Buckwheat Flour, 2000#

Organic Buckwheat Flour, 50#

Organic Dry Roasted Garbanzo Flour, 50#

Organic Garbanzo Flour, 50#

Organic Gluten Free Oat Flour, 25#

Organic Green Lentil Flour, 50#

Organic Green Pea Flour, 50#

Organic Lentil Flour, Green Bulk

Organic Long Brown Rice Flour 50#

Organic Navy Bean Flour, 50#

Organic Red Bean Flour, 50#

Organic Red Lentil Flour

Organic Red Rice Flour, 50#

Organic White Milo Flour, 50#

Organic White Quinoa Flour, 50#

Organic White Rice Flour, per pound

Organic Yellow Pea Flour, 50#

Pre-Gelatinized, Roasted, Milled Purple Corn, 50#

Rice Flour, 50#

Roasted Garbanzo Flour, 2000#

Roasted Yellow Pea Flour, 50#

Sorghum Flour, 25#

Sweet Brown Rice Flour, 50#

White Quinoa Flour, 50#

White Rice Flour, 50#

White Rice Flour, Bulk


ManufacturerComplete Flour Mill - 1000 Lb. per Hour (Reduced Price)