Wolverine-Proctor Automatic Nut Roaster 2000

Wolverine-Proctor Automatic Nut Roaster 2000

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Wolverine Proctor Automatic Nut Roaster With Control Panels, MFG. 1980, Model 2000, Serial # K 18790,

Rated to run 2,000 lbs. per Hr. 22' 6'' Long overall x 7' 7'' Wide Belt. Stainless steel belt and contact.

For the Food, Chemical and process industries,

Baked goods, Bread products, breakfast foods, cereal, confectionary, eggs, fruit, grains, Herbs/spices,

Meat/Poultry, nuts/seeds, pet food, potatoes, protein products, rice, snacks, starch, vegetables,

calcium carbonate, catalysts, charcoal Briquettes, clays, fertilizers, natural/synthetic fibers, silica gel,

synthetic rubber, titanium dioxide, wood chips/strands. other applications for the tobacco industry and

for the textile finishing industry. Ceased strip, chewing tobacco/snuff, cigar filler, CRS/ Cut rag, Cut filler,

oriental leaf/semi oriental, reconstituted, stem, threshed strip, tobacco expansion, whole leaf.


Serial NumberK 18790