Columbia FL-100 Low Level Infeed Case Palletizer

Columbia FL-100 Low Level Infeed Case Palletizer

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Manufacturer: Columbia 

Serial: 9605-1637-1792

Model: FL 100-LS-LD

Operational Condition: Fair

Visual Condition: Very Good

Product Last Ran: Cases

Maximum Load Weight (Per Pallet): 3000 pounds

Maximum Load Height: 65 inches

Infeed Conveyor Elevation: 34 inches

Outfeed Conveyor Elevation: 24 inches

Changing Pallet Layers: HMI

Product Infeed Height: 34 inches

Voltage: 230

Phase: 3Ph

Hertz: 60Hz  

Used Columbia FL 150 Palletizer with:

  • Low level product infeed palletizer
  • Previously ran cases
  • High capacity pallet magazine
  • Product infeed height: 34 inches
  • Finished pallet discharge height: 15 inches
  • Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 600 touch screen HMI
  • Case size range:
  • Up to 22 inches long
  • Up to 16 inches wide
  • Up to 18 inches tall
  • Pallet dimensions: 48 inches wide x 42 inches long
  • Maximum finished pallet height: 65 inches
  • Weight capacity per tier: 600 pounds
  • Finished pallet weight capacity: 3000 pounds
  • Output: approximately 45 cases per minute, depending on product, case dimensions, and pattern
  • Layer loading pusher bar
  • Layer up load stripper plate
  • Painted, mild steel frame
  • Slip Sheet Dispenser


ManufacturerColumbia Model FL-100