2008 Zacmi -40 External Valve Vacuum Filler

2008 Zacmi -40 External Valve Vacuum Filler

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Zacmi -40 External Valve Vacuum Filler

Model 0255V040, Serial No 1432, Originally installed and operational-2008,

Equipped for 307 Dia. cans, capable of running 208 to 401 Dia.cans. Left to right feed, clockwise rotation.

Pitch 122.5 MM- to be direct driven by 61 or 62 H, 2006 Zacmi 6 head seamer or similar,

IT DOES NOT.... connect to a 60L.. (wrong pitch)

Filler capable of operating at seamer- -capability in terms of CPM rates..

Not equipped with Electrical Panel or HMI.. Unit is currently mounted on a Stainless Steel sub frame.


ManufacturerZacmi -40 External Valve Vacuum Filler
Serial Number1432
Stock Number4266