Zacmi-28 Vertical Valve Piston Filler


Zacmi-28 Vertical Valve Piston Filler

Stockton, CA


Zacmi-28 Vertical Valve Piston Filler

0290N028-1293, Originally installed and operational 2007, Equipped for 307 Dia. can size,

originally equipped for plastic soup cups, capable of running 208 to 401 Dia. containers, Min to max fill volume: 100 ML to 650 ML, Filler designed to run 600 CPM. Unit is a stand alone , self driven piston filler. It is not seamer driven , thus it can be used for cans, glass, or any other rigid containers, with a fill opening of 45 mm or larger- Filling valve is 36mm. Right to left feed, counterclockwise rotation.

Unit has a original electric control cab, but not HMI. Filler available with complete documentation, parts, operations, electrical drawings.


ManufacturerZacmi-28 Vertical Valve Piston Filler
Stock Number4267